Here you will find a series of helpful forms and a library of useful information.

Forms and Information


E-pethealth is a service that provides clients with access to their pets medical record on line.  In e-pethealth clients can review records, billings, print receipts, upload pictures, print vaccine records and contact us. This site has an extensive medical library that is veterinary reviewed with current diseases, diagnosis and treatment information. We have found this to be a great reference for our clients. Every night e-pet health checks our records for new e-mails.  Clients with a  new e-mail are sent an e-mail with a link and password for e-pethealth. If we have your e-mail and you do not have access to e-pethealth please call.  We will remove the e-mail on file for 48 hours then re-enter the e-mail. That should be recognized as new and generate a new link and password to e-pethealth.

The American Heartworm Society web site has detailed information on heartworm disease.  It includes lifecycle, transmission, prevalence, prevention, detection and treatment recommendations. These are the standards we follow at Summers Ridge.

Hills Pet Nutrition is the manufacturer of Hills Science Diet and Hills Prescription diets for dogs and cats. The website has detailed information about products, nutrition related diseases,  and coupons for clients.

Merial is the manufacturer of Heartgard, Nexgard and Frontline products.  This website had information about the products, their usage, safety, flea and tick lifecycles.

Bi-vetmedica is a pharmaceutical manufacturer of pet medications.

Surgery Consent Forms

Save time during your visit by filling out the appropriate consent form before coming in. Simply click to download and print the file!

Additional Downloads

Download these files to learn more about various pet illnesses. The information in these documents has been verified by Dr. Summers. 

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